Collection: Reformer Accessories

Align-Pilates is an industry leader in the production of premium Pilates apparatus, including Reformers and accessories. Their selection of Pilates Reformer accessories can help you achieve your fitness objectives by enhancing your Pilates practice.

These accessories, ranging from jump boards to sitting boxes, can add variety to your routines and provide additional challenge and support. The Align-Pilates Reformer accessories are designed to work seamlessly with their range of Pilates Reformers, guaranteeing a perfect fit and the highest level of safety.

Foot straps, head pillow, Reformer loops, and Reformer poles are popular accoutrements. Whether you are a Pilates expert or a novice, the Align-Pilates Reformer accessories can help you maximise your workouts.

Align-Pilates is the go-to brand for Pilates devotees who want to take their practice to the next level due to their superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.