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Celine Mk1 Pilates Reformer

Celine Mk1 Pilates Reformer

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Our brand new economy timber reformer will be available from December 1, 2023!  Pre-order your reformer today so you can receive delivery as soon as possible!

Enhance your exercise your exercise regimen with the affordable Celine Mk1 Pilates Reformer.  A more spacious reformer than other similar reformers on the market!

The Celine Mk1 Pilates Reformer offers an ideal combination of cost-effectiveness and superior workmanship, enabling individuals to convert their residences into a dedicated space for Pilates practice.  The design of this reformer is carefully crafted to facilitate the incorporation of Pilates exercises within the convenience of one's personal environment.

The main characteristics:

The Celine Mk1 Pilates Reformer is a remarkable amalgamation and careful balance  of affordability and quality.  Experience a Pilates session of high quality at an affordable cost with inspiring beige upholstery.  The Celine Mk1 also includes a jump board, padded standing platform and comfortable sitting box.

The Celine Mk1 Pilates Reformer is constructed with resilient maple wood, which not only showcases enduing sophistication, but also guarantees durability and steadfastness throughout your exercise routines. The inherent thermal properties of maple wood contribute an element of refinement to the interior space of your fitness facility.

Aesthetically pleasing:  Due to its meticulously crafted structure with beige upholstery, this reformer is ideally suited for households with a modern light feeling.  One can engage in a comprehensive array of Pilates exercises while maintaining the intergrity of the surrounding room's aesthetics.

Please note that the Celine Mk1 is built stronger than most of it's competitors and is designed to allow users as tall as 6 ft 4!

The 4 position adjustable spring bar with extra gearing positions allows individuals to customise their workouts according to their specific fitness levels.  The spring bar can not unexpectedly release during use!  The Celine Mk1 Pilates Reformer is designed to accommodate individuals at all skill levels, ranging from beginners to advanced.  If you are considering a Reformer for substantial 'commercial' use, we would kindly direct you to our Align-Pilates range.

Enhance your overall well-being by making an investment in the Celine Mk1 Maple Wood Pilates Reformer, a product that combines economy and high quality from an experienced manufacturer.  The convenience and elegance of bringing the studio environment into your own home or facility, allowing you to commence your Pilates journey with assurance and flair.  Place your order today and go e precedence to your well-being and physical fitness within the convenience of your personal surroundings!


  • 96.3cm travel - great when using a jump board
  • 5 music wire springs (3 red/full, 1 blue/half, 1 yellow/quarter)
  • 6 footbar positions including vertical and flat down.
  • 33cm high carriage from floor.
  • Height adjustable pulleys
  • Double loop handles with metal connecting clips
  • 3 positon head rest with bearing hinge.
  • Canadian maple frame with wheels for easy moving.
  • Comfortable and removable shoulder pads which curve with your shoulder shape.
  • 4 position spring bar with two individual stoppers.
  • Plastic feet to ensure your reformer does not slide or damage your floor.
  • Weight limit 115kg - suitable for users 145cm - 193cm


Australian 2 year limited warranty.  2 Year frame warranty.


  • Canadian Maple Reformer
  • Jump Board
  • Padded Standing Platform
  • Sitting Box


2340mm Long - 680mm Wide - 330mm High

Carriage size: 89cm x 58cm.


Approximately 80kg.

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