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Align-Pilates 14" Pro Pilates Ring

Align-Pilates 14" Pro Pilates Ring

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Are you looking for a versatile and useful Pilates tool to hone your technique? The Align-Pilates 14 inch Steel Pilates Ring is a top-notch substitute.

This strong steel ring is perfect for adding resistance and challenge to your Pilates exercises and your clients. This ring is the ideal exercise accessory to use when trying to tone and shape your muscles or improve your balance and flexibility.

By offering support and resistance throughout your workouts, the Align-Pilates Pilates Ring can help you more effectively engage and activate your muscles. Thanks to its lightweight, transportable construction and comfortable, ergonomic grips, it is the ideal tool to keep in your studio or bring on trips.

Pilates Rings, also known as Magic Circles, are frequently used with a Pilates machine or during floor exercises. The high resistance of the ring helps to tone particular muscles, especially beneficial for trouble spots like the chest, pelvic muscles, upper arms and inner and outer thighs.

Align-Pilates 14 inch steel Pilates Ring has a double handle design and premium sprung steel. Additionally offered in 12 Inch

Product Details:

Dimensions:14″ (36 cm) diameter


Sprung steel
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