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Align-Pilates Baby Arc Barrel

Align-Pilates Baby Arc Barrel

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Improve your posture, spinal alignment, and core strength with the Align-Pilates Arc Barrel, a multipurpose and efficient exercise tool. Suitable for the at home Pilates enthusiast but a sturdy commercially rated Arc Barrel for the srious Pilates Studio.

The firm EVA padded, upholstered surface of the Arc Barrel complements the robust wooden frame for maximum comfort and support during workouts. Different muscle groups can be worked out in different ways because to the device's versatility (you can use it while sitting, standing, or lying down).

When used regularly, the Arc Barrel can assist users improve their spinal mobility, posture, core strength and upper body strength. The ability to target specific regions of weakness or imbalance makes it effective for both injury rehabilitation and injury prevention.

The Arc Barrel's is very light weight making it a convenient choice for people with limited storage space or regular travellers. It's also compatible with other pieces of Align-Pilates apparatus, allowing you to design a unique workout setup for your own house or studio.

The Arc Barrel can be used facing upwards or down. As a result, you may perform a wide variety of workouts for various muscle groups and skill levels.

The Align-Pilates Arc Barrel is an excellent accessory for any Pilates regimen or general physical training. Posture, spinal alignment, and core strength can all be greatly enhanced by using this apparatus due to its adaptable design, wide range of uses, and ability to focus on specific sections of the body. The Arc Barrel is a fantastic purchase for anyone serious about their physical health or Pilates Studio, be they seasoned Pilates veterans or newcomers to the fitness world.


Dimensions: 60 cm (L) x 55 cm (w) x 19.5 cm (h)

Weight: 7 kg

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