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Align-Pilates Spine Corrector Barrel

Align-Pilates Spine Corrector Barrel

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Improve your spine alignment, posture, and overall core strength with the Align-Pilates modular Spine Corrector Barrel. Anyone serious about their Pilates practise or general fitness should have one.

Adjusting the Spine Corrector Barrel to Baby Arc or adding a pole is as simple as unscrewing the locking knobs or sliding through the pole, thanks to the device's clever modular architecture. As a result, you can execute a plethora of workouts that hit various muscle groups and intensities.

The Spine Corrector Barrel is a workout device that consists of a padded, upholstered surface attached to a robust steel frame making it far stronger than traditional wood barrels. 

You may enhance your spinal mobility, your posture, and your core strength by using the Spine Corrector Barrel. The ability to target specific regions of weakness or imbalance makes it effective for both injury rehabilitation and injury prevention.

The Spine Corrector Barrel is an excellent solution for people who are short on storage space or who travel frequently due to its modular construction. It can also be used in tandem with other pieces of Align-Pilates apparatus to help you design the ideal fitness centre for your home or business. Can easily be hung on a wall for storage.

The Align-Pilates modular Spine Corrector Barrel is an excellent accessory for any Pilates exercise. Spinal alignment, posture, and core strength may all be greatly enhanced with the use of this device due to its adaptable design, wide range of uses, and ability to focus on specific areas of the body.

Finer Details:

This step barrel slots conveniently over the shoulder rests of all of our reformers, so it can be used on the reformer as well as on the floor.

For floor use, our step features an anti-slip base and can be used with our standard 32” maple pole (not included) for extra exercise possibilities!

The arc is also removable (as well as locking in place) so this can be used independently, offering an alternative curvature to our regular stacking arc.

Finally, this step barrel includes 3 eyelets on each side for use with resistance bands for resistance exercises to further extend the functionality of this diverse piece of apparatus.

Product Features:

  • Slots conveniently over the shoulder rests of all of Align-Pilates reformers
  • Anti-slip base
  • Removable arc, locks into place
  • 3 eyelets on each side for use with resistance bands, to add further repertoire
  • Dimensions – 79 cm (L) x 48 cm (W) X 34 cm (H)
  • Optional Extras
  • 32" Maple Pole
  • Resistance Bands
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