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Align-Pilates Full Trapeze Cadillac

Align-Pilates Full Trapeze Cadillac

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Utilise the Align-Pilates Pilates Cadillac/Full Trapeze to advance your Pilates training. This versatile piece of equipment enables you to perform a variety of exercises and movements, making it an excellent addition to a home gym or studio.

The Align-Pilates Pilates Cadillac/Full Trapeze is durable and long-lasting due to the use of high-quality materials in its construction. Its sturdy frame provides stability and support throughout your workouts, while its adjustable straps and springs enable you to modify the resistance and intensity of your exercises.

The Cadillac/Full Trapeze is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, from novices to experts. Its adaptability enables you to execute a variety of exercises, ranging from traditional Pilates movements to advanced aerial exercises. Additionally, it is ideal for athletes and individuals seeking to enhance their strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.

The Align-Pilates Pilates Cadillac/Full Trapeze is made to be simple to assemble and operate. Its larger than normal dimensions and light weight construction make it simple to transport and store, and strong structure ensures that you can perform your exercises with confidence and safety.

By incorporating the Align-Pilates Pilates Cadillac/Full Trapeze into your Pilates studio, you can enhance your reportoire, flexibility, and general fitness. It also reduces the risk of injury and relieves chronic pain and distress, making it an excellent investment for those seeking to enhance their health and well-being.

The Align-Pilates Pilates Cadillac/Full Trapeze is an essential piece of equipment for any Pilates devotee. Its adaptable, highly adjustable design, sturdy construction, and user-friendly features make it an excellent investment for those who wish to advance their Pilates practise. 

Can also mount to our most of our C Model reformers.

  • Aluminium frame with steel legs and height adjustable feet. Full stainless-steel upper frame
  • Sliding horizontal and vertical crossbars
  • Trapeze with adjustable sling and padded spring covers
  • Maple roll down bar and one pair of fuzzies
  • Rapid adjust (5 position) aluminum swing through bar with quick release safety strap
  • Bonus removable footboard and fold down head rest

  • Assembly: Partial assembly required (estimated time 1-2 hours) or request our delivery and assembly option.

    Dimensions: Outer 216 cm (L) x 78 cm (W) x 64 cm (bed height)  216 cm (total frame height)

    Note: Bed height matches the Align-Pilates Wunda Chair height for additional exercise possibilities.

    Spring Package:

    Includes 12 finest music wire springs: 2 x Standard Very Light, 2 x Standard Light, 2 x Standard Medium, 2 x Standard Very Strong (for Trapeze), 2 x Long Very Light, 2 x Long Strong

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