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Align-Pilates Sitting Boxes

Align-Pilates Sitting Boxes

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Choose from our Align-Pilates or Reform8 model sitting boxes. 

The Pilates sitting box makes many seated and prone exercises more comfortable. An endless possibility of challenges are provided when the box is used with a Pilates Reformer.

Align-Pilates Wood Framed Sitting Box:

A high quality, long-lasting Sitting Box designed for high commercial use. Rated to 27 hours per week.

Made with maple veneered marine ply box with EVA padding for long life and excellent memory. Covered with abrasion resistant vinyl upholstery and finished inside and out to the highest standard.


Align-Pilates Metal Framed Sitting Box:

The Align-Pilates sitting box is suitable for use on all brands of Pilates Reformer Machines and offers top quality finishing and the best value sitting box available in Australia.


Reform8 Wood Framed Sitting Box:

The Commercial standard PRA Box is made in Australia using the finest quality Australian sourced components and is designed and manufactured by Pilates Reformers Australia in Smeaton Grange NSW. This amazingly comfortable, curved sitting box is suitable for any brand of Pilates Reformer and its sheer beauty will compliment any Pilates studio.

The Marine Grade industrial strength Plywood is remarkably light (weighing just over 6 kg). Our upholstery is Australian standard with >50,000 scuff resistance, Bacteria Resistance, fire retardant, feels and looks amazing. Our 25 mm thick EVA Foam adds a soft feeling of comfort, but provides a firmness needed for many exercises. The curved shape is not an original design, but presents more comfort during exercise where required. The PRA box has a pair of handles. One at each end. Supported by high grade locally sourced stainless-steel bolts and nuts.
Looking for a custom colour? Contact us to get a quote for custom colours. Standard colour is black.

Please note: Using unknown brand Boxes or Barrels on Align-Pilates Reformers will void your Reformer Warranty.

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