Collection: Commercial Reformers

Here at The Fitness Solution and in conjunction with Align-Pilates, we are committed to giving our customers access to the most innovative Commercial Pilates Reformer equipment on the market. In order to provide the highest quality Pilates experience and satisfy the demands of our consumers, we place a premium on listening to them and implementing their feedback into our designs.

The needs of Pilates studios and fitness centres are met by our Commercial Pilates Reformers, which are built with sturdy construction and unique functionality. We stock the A8 Pro, the C8 Pro, and the M8 Pro, all of which are excellent reformers in their own right. To get this reputation, we put our commercial Pilates Reformers through rigors testing, while the vast majority of Reformers in Australia do not.

Our top-tier reformer, the A8 Pro, features a 113cm carriage travel distance, a longer carriage, and our proprietary Rapid Change System. The larger and more adaptable A8 reformer is suitable for studio rehabilitation use, and it also provides a smooth and silent ride. When not in use, the C8 range of reformers can be stored vertically, making them ideal for use in both semi-private and group settings.

Our commercial Pilates reformers are built to last and meet or exceed all international organisation for standardisation (ISO) requirements for quality and safety. Our wide selection of add-ons and spares can help you extend the life of your reformer.

The Align-Pilates Commercial Pilates Reformers are a great option for anyone looking for a Pilates reformer in Australia. Focus concentrate on the finer points of the Pilates Reformers from competing brands.